Last night, Fox repeatedly insisted that the only way to watch Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey is on Fox and Nat GEO. They lied. It was broadcast on 10 separate Fox-owned networks. 

You can watch it here, too: Ep1. - Standing Up in the Milky Way

If for no other reason, it’s worth watching just to see scientific fact presented on television without political posturing. It almost feels subversive. 

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NPR’s Linda Holmes on Jimmy Fallon:

"The precise quality that could make Fallon irritating on Saturday Night Live — the inability not to laugh during sketches — was a glimpse at why his late-night show has been so utterly delightful. He gets so jazzed about things, and he’s so energized by the presence of other humans, that he has the poker face of a five-year-old. He laughs, and somebody else laughs, and then everybody laughs more.

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Peep Show Episode 1: Waring Factions

Peep Show is a narrative comedy series seen through the eyes of the core characters. And in an inventive twist, each character’s inner thoughts can be heard – whether they be dark, stupid or embarrassingly overblown. At the centre of Peep Show are Mark and Jeremy, who have an unhealthy reliance on one another – a dependence that can turn to frustration. Mark – in his cack-handed way – is in pursuit of the love of his life, co-worker Sophie, while Jeremy lives in awe of his idiotic and manipulative mate Superhans and their beautiful but brittle neighbor Toni.

This show is kinda brilliant and laugh out loud hilarious. That’s probably why it’s the longest running sitcom in Channel 4 history.

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