"The idea that ‘Black Hole Sun’, for example, could be this big international hit single — have you ever read the words to it? It’s amazing to me. It’s not anthemic. It’s extremely dark. It’s very esoteric. It’s stream-of-consicousness lyrics that…I don’t know what they mean. I don’t know what Paul Anka thinks it means but he sings the shit out of it."

- Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell

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This is the trailer for a proposed documentary about Carol Kaye. You might not have heard of her, but you’ve definitely heard her play. 

Her bass and/or guitar work can be heard on classic tracks by Richie Valenz, Simon and Garfunkle, The Beach Boys, The Monkees, Ray Charles, Ike & Tina Turner, Nancy Sinatra, Frank Sinatra, Count Basie, Barbra Streisand, Dusty Springfield, David Axelrod and many, many more.

Oh, and she performed on the themes for M*A*S*H, Mission: Impossible, Get Smart, Hogan’s Heroes, The Love Boat, Cosby Show, Hawaii Five-O, The Addams Family, The Brady Bunch and The Streets of San Francisco. 

We’ll save a list of her film score work for another time. 

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