Most Internet videos are short because Internet attention spans are presumed to be short. If you’re Louis CK, you can hold people’s attention at any length. 

But sometimes, 38 seconds is all he needs. 

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Louis CK talks, at length, about David Lynch's appearance on Louie:

I’ve learned when you work with people that are heroes to you, you have to be really careful, especially if you’re directing them. It’s unsettling to act and you feel a little untethered, and the director makes you feel like someone else is in control and it helps you. So when the director is someone going, “Oh my God, I’m like the biggest fan of you” – when he showed up, I said “Hi” to him, quickly. “You have any questions? Thank you for coming.” And I stayed away from him. And we just started shooting. The first thing we shot was him coming to say goodbye to me, his last scene. And he comes and sits down and he just says, “Well, I’ve done my part. Now it’s up to you. It’s just, if you can do it.” I’m sitting there in character, going, “I can’t believe how good everything he says is. This is way better than I thought it would be.” He had it perfectly memorized. He had something to prove as an actor.

When we did the scene in the office where I dance around, it was really humiliating. I’m doing this in front of this guy, who I love, and it gave me a stomachache. At one point, out of self-consciousness, I said, “This isn’t even funny.” And David said, “No, it’s not funny. It’s not supposed to be.” He said, “Jack doesn’t give you the extra week ‘cause he thought you were funny – don’t make any mistake of that. He gave you the extra week because you did something. He finally got you try and do something. And by the way, that extra week was pretty close to, you didn’t get it.” He had a few things to say like that. I got to hang out with him, smoke cigarettes with him, even though I haven’t smoked in a year. I love the guy. I love him.

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Louis CK is not some web newbie. He briefly had a web series/podcast/video blog (nobody know what to call them back then) in 2006. Here’s his first post, described by Louis as: 

my first podcast. This is really just shit. I’m just sitting there talking. I might have said one funny thing. LCK”

He thinks his second episode is better, writing:

"This is again me talking into a camera except also I show some videos, such as me washing my dog in a tub, me bombing in 1989 onstage and a never seen trailer of the film "Pootie Tang" which I directed and wrote."

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