'It's The Great Pumpkin Mason' is an Image Oscillite Halloween tradition. This is the holiday special’s third appearance here and the first in its newly remastered form. In honor of the new version, I asked the show’s creators for some juicy behind-the-scenes tidbits. Here’s what producer/actor Tanya Ihnen told me:

This is yet another example of an episode coming from real life, the idea and main “rant” behind this comes from Robb himself. For years he’s been saying exactly all of these things about the Peanuts specials (which is extra hilarious because he loves them so much).

We were having a production meeting about filming several shorts including a special for Halloween and decided to make our lives easier and just use Robb’s words. The script actually said at one point “Insert Robb’s rant here”. We had so much fun filming this and had such a great response, it made even more sense to film the LFTI Thanksgiving special which is a nice continuation of the story.

A fun tidbit - the trick-or-treating ghost at the end is none other than acclaimed romance novelist Zoe Archer! We shot a different short during the day that became “A Novel Romance” and since she had let us use her book in it, we asked her to be our ghost. 

I haven’t watched the short in awhile, so I re-watched it today. I think it nicely holds up, the Siamese cat costume still makes me laugh. And it also reminded me of how hard it was to clean up the eggs afterwards.

Producer/Writer/Editor/Composer/Actor Robb Padget adds:

Also, some trivia: Steve’s costume (bandana around the neck) was modeled after the costume I wore the very last year I went trick-or-treating (in high school). I was a little too old perhaps. And maybe I didn’t try very hard. But listening to the complaints of the adults who felt forced to give me candy made it all worth while!

15-year-olds need candy too!
Happy Halloween!

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