Greg Giraldo, Lenny Clarke, Colin Quinn and Denis Leary talk North Korea.

Natasha Vargas-Cooper talks Giraldo:

A couple of years ago when Greg Giraldo died, I read that Psychology Today interview he did about failure. It’s a great interview, very candid. There’s a couple lines in it that are familiar to me. I always liked Giraldo’s stuff and he seemed to have a very big brain that outclassed the decent paid but somewhat humiliating gigs he got. On occasion, when I’m in a certain ‘head space’ I look up old clips of him on talk shows and such. This is an excellent one of Giraldo putting Denis Leary to shame. There’s no comedy nerdness to it. I don’t approve of comedy nerdom. Ok, so, anyways, this is tense and good. 

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  6. atencio said: How was this show ever on tv? It’s worse than most public access shows on NY1
  7. psychodelicate-girl said: love this. loved him.
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    Greg Giraldo, Lenny Clarke, Colin Quinn and Denis Leary talk North Korea. Natasha Vargas-Cooper talks
  9. thatonesmithssong said: thanks for upload, i really like greg. wish i appreciated him when he was alive. can’t believe how much of a childish cocksucker Denis Leary was. taking cheap shots then getting mad when greg would defend himself. anywhoo, thnaks for upload.
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    Wow, makes me appreciate Giraldo and really dislike Leary. I’ve been in that situation many times and you can see it...
  11. crosseyed said: Went to Columbia/Harvard Law and practiced law for one year before giving it up for comedy. A genius some might say.
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